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PROJECT Mc2: Rockin’ with S.T.E.A.M. & Showing Kids that Smart is the New Cool…

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Netflix #StreamTeamWhen it comes to learning, sometimes kids need a reminder that learning new things is fun – something that I’m told happens more often with older kids – ones that sit in that “tween age.” While my girls (The Rock Daughters™) are still much younger, we’re really working to embrace that sense of wonder, exploration and curiosity that both have. For Addie, our oldest, there’s been a growing tendency to conduct “experiments” on her own, and she generally pulls little Finn into the mix. Things can get messy, but that’s just fine as the girls develop their own first-hand methods of witnessing action and reaction… even if that means I might spout off like David Seville with a frustrated “Addddddie!” once in awhile (that’s my problem, not the kids’). With a lot of what they’re doing, the girls are engaging in a S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) realm without even knowing it. Embracing those interests at a young age (or refreshing them at an older one) is why it’s cool to see a program like PROJECT Mc2 hitting the scene.

The new Netflix Original Series from MGA Entertainment (yes, the makers of our beloved Lalaloopsy!) and AwesomenessTV focuses on a quartet of smart girls with plenty of science skills – far from “nerdy,” they show that “Smart is the New Cool” as they’re recruited into an International Spy Organization known as NOV8 (“innovate”). They incorporate elements of S.T.E.A.M. into each episode in a way that’s relatable for older kids, but with characters who are (probably unintentionally) easy to look up to for younger kids.

Growing up with some of the homegrown science experiments that were brought into living rooms by pioneers like Don Herbert with MR. WIZARD’S WORLD (an inspiration for BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY, also on Netflix) it’s easy to see PROJECT Mc2 as carrying that torch.


Addie was thrilled to dig into a “Top Secret” package that arrived at our door this past Friday – quickly left behind by the driver of a mysterious brown-and-gold truck that we’ve seen slowly cruising the neighborhood before. Inside, she would find an assortment of simple science experiments that would use everyday household items like string, vegetable oil, food coloring, salt and straws. With her notebook and goggles ready, the action was ready to begin… and soon she would learn that part of experimentation is failure, and that it sometimes takes several chances before the desired result will be achieved.

While there’s just three episodes of PROJECT Mc2 available for now, I fully expect it to catch on – backed by a collection of dolls that each come with their own experiment. And, there’s even an Ultimate Lab Kit that looks exactly like the one the girls use on the show, and it comes packed with projects ripe for discovery.


With Back-to-School season officially here, PROJECT Mc2 is a perfect way to start the new year.


PROJECT Mc2 is available to stream now on Netflix. THE ROCK FATHER is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, bringing you viewing tips, programming news and adventures on a monthly basis.

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