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Reorganizing The Garage at Rock Father HQ with Rubbermaid FastTrack…

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This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #WeaveMade #FastTrack http://my-disclosur.es/RgFrEH

We have a “two-car” garage here at Rock Father HQ, but it’s been awhile since it’s actually seen a car – a real car – inside it. My Dad might’ve pegged it best when he deemed it “the warehouse” on a visit last year, a nickname that I’ve since adopted since the garage has been used for anything but keeping vehicles safe these past few years… rather, becoming a place for storage, toys and projects… with my tools and such shoddily tossed-in with no real organization. I did tackle the Christmas decorations back in January (something I’d written about), but with Spring here, it became really apparent that I absolutely have to get that garage whipped into shape. For my kids, it probably looks like the warehouse in INDIANA JONES. To me? A mess.

A big part of my own disorganization in the garage was inherited by one of the previous homeowners – someone who fancied themselves “handy,” and installed a hodgepodge assortment of shelves and cabinets in seemingly random locations, none of which were practical. We’re entering year five here, and I just now realized that clearing the slate to create a blank canvas was the way to go, and one of the first things to deal with would be some of the long-handled tools and the more awkward stuff that could use that wall space better. I found my solution on a trip to Target with the girls the other day. 

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Rubbermaid has this collection called “FastTrack,” a full range garage organization and storage system that’s completely customizable. It lets you use the vertical space (which is awesome) in the garage, while helping use up to 10x more space since you can use the areas between studs. The Rubbermaid FastTrack 5 piece Kit is on sale for $28.89 (reg. $33.99) at Target (May 18-24, 2014), and I grabbed one of those to test the waters and get things rolling.

#WeaveMade #FastTrack #ad

Installation was incredibly easy, and all I needed to do it was a fully-charged drill (with phillips bit) and a level for my purposes. I mounted the steel track on the studs, slid the black plastic cover on it, and within a few minutes, that wasted wall space looked like this:

#WeaveMade #FastTrack #ad

FastTrack My wife and I like the results so much, that I’ve already started adding onto it, because it’s going to take a little bit to fully whip that garage into shape. With the Rubbermaid FastTrack 5 Piece Kit still on-sale, it’s a great week to get more done and save a few bucks, but they’ve also got a ton of additional types of hooks and accessories available, many of which are going to find their way to Rock Father HQ.

I think the bikes are gonna get hung up… and I need to figure out which hook could work to get some of the girls’ vehicles off the ground. After all, my garage should be for something a little bit bigger with four wheels, right?

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