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Review – HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS Battle Stadium #TRANSFORMERSweek


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thrilling30Since toy departments and toy stores started becoming a regular haunt for me again over the past five years, I’ve paid no attention to Innovation First’s HEXBUG collection. I have no good reason as to why, but even in terms of all the toy reviews that I’ve done here on THE ROCK FATHER, the little robotic creatures just never scored coverage until now. When Hasbro had an assortment of toys based on TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION delivered here to Rock Father HQ earlier this month, they included some additional licensed products – one of which was the HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS Battle Stadium. I wasn’t prepared for how it went over with my girls, and I can guarantee that you won’t find another review like this one…

Recommended for Ages 6+ and not for kids under 3 due to small parts [Personal Disclaimer: As a toy tester, my younger daughter does partake at times under my supervision], HEXBUG Warriors are “battling robots” that can be customized with special armor. Their small size falls in-line with the similar “nano” HEXBUG toys, which scurry along using vibration technology, but the Warriors contain sensors that allow “damage,” and in the case of the TRANSFORMERS line, these lighted sensors look like the robot’s AllSpark. It’s health level goes from green to red, and then it’s conked out. When dropped into the Battle Stadium, the self-contained play is pretty entertaining to watch. And it’s even more entertaining to watch Addie have at it with Autobot Leader Optimus Prime versus the evil Lockdown in their HEXBUG forms…


Manufacturer’s Description:

The HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS Battle Stadium is the ultimate battleground for HEXBUG Warriors and comes with two HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS, six characters of armor, and an interactive air-locked battle platform.

hexboxYou can operate their HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS in Training Mode, with unlimited health, for scrimmages and testing purposes. Once the Warriors are ready for battle, they can be powered into Match Mode and are set to enter into competition, where they crash, jab and jostle with their opponents until they win or lose by running out of health, at which point they deactivate. In Match Mode, each robot’s Shock Sensor activates its Damage Indicator Light which changes colors from green to red and blinks more rapidly as its health decreases.


Now, the Battle Stadium scored big with both of my girls – completely unexpected. But the imagination of children is a wondrous thing, and I was pretty surprised to find this in their play area earlier today:

HEXBUGs in bed!

TRF ApprovedYes, HEXBUG Optimus Prime and Lockdown have been tucked-into the doll furniture, complete with blankets and all. “The bugs were tired,” I’m told. But something tells me, the battle will soon continue…

Rock Father-Approved.


Available now via my associate, Amazon.com



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