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#TRANSFORMERS#TRANSFORMERSweek here on THE ROCK FATHER has been going on for about 10 days already, but when you’ve got Autobots and Decepticons lurking around every corner, who’s counting? It’s all in good fun when it comes to quality robot action – and audiences must agree, as TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION took home over $100M at the box office this weekend, including $15 from yours truly. You might recall that last week I offered-up a look at some of Hasbro’s newest action figures – but ones geared toward younger TRANSFORMERS fans. Today I have a look at some of the more detailed figures, both of which are Dinobots. Check out Scorn and Grimlock below…

Reporting for Duty: Scorn | Autobot


Recommended for Ages and Up, the “Deluxe” assortment are more traditional TRANSFORMERS figures, each presented in sort of a medium-scale, and with detailed, movie-accurate designs. There’s 10 figures on-deck for the Deluxe assortment this year, including the Classic Camaro version of Bumblebee, along with Strafe, Slug, Slash, Drift, and our guy – Scorn. 

While I do prefer vehicles for my alt-modes, the Dinobots are the exception, and as a Spinosaurus, Scorn is pretty cool… but I love his robot mode. This is one of my favorites from the new movie toys thus far.

Reporting for Duty: Grimlock | Autobot


TRF ApprovedThere’s six figures in the Voyager series this year, with Optimus Prime and Galvatron (I think I need these), Hound, and our guy Grimlock all on the streets thus far. I’m a big Grimlock fan, and this one does not disappoint – presenting the character in a decent scale… though there’s some bigger, even more screen-accurate versions available for the older collector. Recommended for Ages 8+, the 18-step transformation from robot to T-Rex may require grownup assistance for the younger set.

Rock Father-Approved!

BONUS: So what was Lockdown doing Lurking at Rock Father HQ (as seen here and here)?

Waiting to get whooped by the Autobots! He’s outnumbered…


ADDITIONAL BONUS: The Unboxing of our TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Toy Assortment from Hasbro!


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