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A few weeks back, you might recall that I mentioned KIWI CRATE as being a cool idea for busy parents. The basic overview is that for $20 a month (available monthly or by 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions), Kiwi Crate will send you and your child a selection of crafts to do – each carefully prepared and packaged with all the materials that you need to do them. You get to spend time doing crafts and cut out running around the store looking for all the different components, which could easily add up to $20 or more anyway. Each project is chosen by a group of parents, then kid-tested before they go on-sale. Well, Kiwi Crate was kind enough to send us a “Space Exploration” crate, and here’s The Rock Father experience.

Unboxing the crate, everything is neatly packed and wrapped in tissue:
A quality pair of children’s scissors by Fiskars were right on top:
The two projects included were a “My Rocket” and “My Space Mobile.” We opted for the rocket first. This was the simpler of the two projects, with materials included to make several little “blow-gun” style rockets. Addie really enjoyed making them fly across the room.
The big project was the mobile, and we did this in three spurts. Since we were making a complete “galaxy” with a Sun, Moon, Earth, and Stars, each required paint on at least two sides. We worked for awhile, then let a side dry. Then we came back a few hours later and did the other side. Later that night, Mom joined the fun and helped assemble the final project – which could be done with included string, or with colorful pipe cleaners. Nothing trumps sparkly pipe cleaners. See a full gallery below:

Overall, Kiwi Crate is a fun, affordable way to spend an afternoon, and comes highly recommended.

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The Rock Father Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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