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SING TO YOUR BABY (Book and Music Review)


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With a newborn here in The Rock Father house, it’s been interesting to revisit some experiences that we just went through three years ago with daughter #1, but with newer tools. SING TO YOUR BABY – Love Songs & Sing-Plays for New Families is one of those things that we didn’t have the first time around, but has been a whole lot of fun for the second go. A book and companion CD by Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer with illustrations by James Nocito, SING TO YOUR BABY has been a hit with our not-quite-three-year-old as well.

singbaby1It should come as no secret that babies in the womb are responsive to their parents’ voices as well as outside sounds and music, so to combine all of those into a focused attack is certainly intriguing. You can start this experience while your little one is still swimming around, so to speak. Since we received SING TO YOUR BABY at the tail end of the pregnancy, our little newborn was able to hear these songs right away, though we missed out on the in-womb enjoyment.


Presented as a collection of 11 songs (each presented in a “Mom” or “Dad” version in different keys for easy singing) along with lyrics and companion illustrations, SING TO YOUR BABY is a fine way to introduce the youngest member of your family to the expansive world of music that awaits their exploration. 

Going beyond just parents and caregivers, SING TO YOUR BABY is a fun experience for the entire family. As noted above, our first daughter loves it, and constantly brings us the book while asking us to sing. 

The Rock Father Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars 

FTC Disclosure: A copy of SING TO YOUR BABY was provided to The Rock Father by Peter E. Randall Publisher for the purpose of review consideration. The opinions above represent that of James Zahn, with input from his two children. 

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