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Download Muppets Most Wanted Recipes & Secret Identity It’s long-been established that I’ve been a fan of THE MUPPETS practically since birth, having seen THE MUPPET MOVIE (1979), THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER (1981) and THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN (1984) on the big screen, not to mention being a regular viewer of whatever Muppets goodness I could catch on television – from SESAME STREET and THE MUPPET SHOW to FRAGGLE ROCK, MUPPET BABIES and EMMET OTTER’s JUGBAND CHRISTMAS, just to name a few. I’ve even counted myself as a big fan of 1999’s generally unappreciated MUPPETS FROM SPACE, so when The Muppets became a part of The Walt Disney family, I was excited to hear they’d be headed back to cinemas after a 12-year absence with 2011’s THE MUPPETS. Thing is, as a parent, I don’t get to hit the theatre nearly as much as I’d like to, and thus I ended up buying it for my little ones on Blu-ray, and when MUPPETS MOST WANTED rolled around this year… I missed the big-screen experience once again. That’s ok, though, as the folks at Disney sent us the film on the just-released Blu-ray Combo Pack, and my girls are now old enough that by the time the next sequel rolls around, we’ll be able to see it in the theater as a family…

Picking up right where THE MUPPETS left off – literally – we find the gang reinvigorated and seeking their next move, which in Hollywood can have it’s dangers (something I experienced personally once upon a time),  and signing with Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais) for career guidance and management. Soon, they’re off on a “European Tour” that’s really just a cover for Kermit’s evil doppelganger, Constantine, to pull off some heists with Kermy taking the fall. In many ways, just as elements of THE MUPPETS mirrored THE MUPPET MOVIE, MUPPETS MOST WANTED mirrors THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER, right down the the European locales and climactic jewel heist.

As much as I’d personally have liked to have seen a more original script this time around, the kids love this – and in that, I imagine that I’m seeing my girls experience some of that same joy that I had with the Muppets as a kid some 30+ years ago. It follows the formula (cameo-laden comedic adventure), but the formula works… though it might not be working quite as well.

On the Blu-ray, there’s the “Unnecessarily Extended Cut” (which we watched), along with the theatrical version and the “Statler & Waldorf Cut.” Now, if you’re familiar with the two curmudgeons of the Muppet universe, you probably have a pretty good idea of where this went… it’s a short cut, but a funny one, indeed.


You really can’t go wrong with the Muppets, and while MOST WANTED might be more of the same, it’s great family entertainment and a Rock Father-approved new release. Now, the big question is… will we end up watching this as much as 2011’s THE MUPPETS? Probably…


The Rock Father Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
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