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Once in awhile, I get something interesting and unexpected submitted for review here at Rock Father HQ, an item unique enough that it really stands on it’s own. One recent offering? SPLASH CARDS by Winning Moves Games. Now, Winning Moves is the company known for their sweet re-issues of Retro Games like Ouija, Trouble, and the classic Rubik’s Cube – but Splash Cards are something new, a very simple idea that works really well. Waterproof, lightweight, floating, washable playing cards and card games, perfect for the tub or pool. The two sets they sent us: SPLASH PALS and SPLASHIMALS.

Created by independent game maker Milliwik, and licensed by Winning Moves to bring to the masses this year, this really is one of those things where you wonder why someone hadn’t done it sooner. An immediate hit, Splash Pals features a deck of cards that can be divided into three: Head, Torso, Feet. There’s a variety of ways to play, such as giving each player an assortment, and letting them mix-and-match their own creations, with the highest numerical score (each card is numbered) winning – or with little ones like my girls, they’ll be quite occupied just by matching each character as it should be.

Splash Pals

Splashimals is a little more basic, a deck of 30 cards that can be used to make 30 animals. Or, you can mix ’em up for hundreds of different combinations. Head of an Elephant, butt of a Zebra? Totally cool. Head of a Whale with the tentacles of an Octopus? Go for it!. Basic, yet highly entertaining fun.


Rock Father Approved! 2014P.S. – When those summer nights arrive and the grownups are ready to kick back in the pool or hot tub after hours… there’s games like SPLASH JACK ROYAL – a classic deck of 54 cards, ready to rock for poker or whatever else you desire.

Rock Father-Approved!

Splash Cards for Kids and Grownups are available via Winning Moves or (my affiliate) Amazon:



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