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Review: WWE StackDown Universe High Flyin Sin Cara and Damien Sandow’s School of Hard Knocks


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#WWEDadsEarlier this month, when I took the family to a little big adventure called WWE PAYBACK, my girls were each treated to a little gift bag containing some fun new toys, all courtesy of the folks at WWE and their partners. Among the unexpected offerings were a pair of new building sets from The Bridge Direct under the WWE StackDown Universe brand. For quite awhile I’ve heard parents ask for WWE construction sets, but somehow it had flown under my radar that they’d actually happened – all done by C3 Construction with bricks and figures that are compatible with “major brands,” as they say – which means they’ll work with LEGO, MEGA BLOKS, KRE-O and the like. Addie and I built Damien Sandow’s School of Hard Knocks and the High Flyin’ Sin Cara sets… and how are they?

They’re a lot of fun.


We started these as we do all of our construction sets – separating the pieces by color for easy building. Now, these are smaller “starter” sets with just 71 & 73 pieces, respectively, so they’re not a particularly time-consuming, nor challenging build (they have bigger sets for that), but the amount of reaction out of Addie – the sheer enjoyment she’s been getting out of them – has been surprisingly above average.

High Flyin’ Sin Cara was the big winner right out of the gate, with it’s launching action able to make Sin Cara (or any other figure) go flying through a break-away “Ring of Rampage” with ease. While that set scored bigger that Sandrow’s less-action-packed classroom of sorts, the 12-point articulation of the C3 figures makes them pretty unique in the construction category, complete with little “Snap-Fit” spots that let you connect the figures for some brawling action.


Yes, it’s fun for Dad, too.

Rock Father-Approved!We’ve had this pair of StackDown sets built for nearly three weeks now and there’s no sign of tiring on them. These guys have been mixed and matched, customized and rebuilt quite a few times over. One magic question that I get asked almost without fail on the building sets is “how do the bricks compare” to that other outfit with the little yellow figures, and that’s always a loaded question because no one can duplicate the famous, yet proprietary process that the big boy uses to make their bricks so accurate during production. So yes, there is a difference in their feel and performance, but it in no way hinders the enjoyment of the sets.

WWE StackDown Universe is Rock Father-Approved!
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