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We’re in a new era, and no matter who you supported in the last Presidential election, the result is undeniable: The world is a very different place post-1/20/2017 than it was before. This is where we’re at. We’ve been moving toward it for years, but now, The United States of America is home to scenes that were once thought of as symbols of the Third World. Protests. Riots. Fire in the the streets. Racial hatred. Political animosity. Terrorist attacks – it’s all here, and it didn’t happen overnight. As I was preparing to pen another throwback post for a new “Rewind” column, it hit me that Sepultura‘s 1993 album, Chaos A.D., essentially describes where we’re at right now. Written by a band from Brazil – known for the tales of “Third World Chaos,” the reality that they were living made its way into the lyrics of Max Cavalera and Co. – words that are frighteningly on-point to the United States in 2017. If “Refuse/Resist” is the anthem, then “Territory” is the warning. And lest we forget “Propaganda” and “Slave New World.” If you’ve heard the album, it’s worth revisiting. If you haven’t, indulge yourself and make sure to have the lyrics for the entire record handy.  Here’s two to get you started…

Sepultura -“Refuse/Resist” Lyrics

Chaos A.D.
Tanks on the streets
Confronting police
Bleeding the Plebs
Raging crowd
Burning cars
Bloodshed starts
Who’ll be alive?!

Chaos A.D.
Army in siege
Total alarm
I’m sick of this
Inside the state
War is created
No man’s land
What is this shit?!

Refuse, Resist

Chaos A.D.
Disorder unleashed
Starting to burn
Starting to lynch
Silence means death
Stand on your feet
Inner fear
Your worst enemy

Refuse, Resist
Refuse, Resist

Sepultura – “Territory” lyrics:

Speaks To The World
Sucking Your Trust
A Trap In Every World

War For Territory
War For Territory

Choice Control
Behind Propaganda
Poor Information
To Manage Your Anger

War For Territory
War For Territory

Dictators’ Speech
Blasting Off Your Life
Rule To Kill The Urge
Dumb Assholes’ Speech

Years Of Fighting
Teaching My Son
To Believe In That Man
Racist Human Being
Racist Ground Will Live
Shame And Regret
Of The Pride
You’ve Once Possessed

War For Territory
War For Territory

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