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Rides: Six Tips for Keeping That New Car Look and Feel

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It’s a new year, and as I write this right now, we’re having extreme sub-zero temperatures here in northern Illinois. Pair that with the residue from the snow and salt, and our rides aren’t looking too hot, and there’s no good way to clean them until it warms up. Dreaming of warmer weather, I’m always thinking about shining up the cars, and there’s always that goal of making them as “new car” fresh as possible. With that in mind, the folks at Meguiar’s (check out their full product line on Amazon) have sent over a list of six helpful tips that can aid in keeping your new car looking and feeling like new longer, but are also great for freshening up an older ride as well. I’ve got the full rundown below, along with a quick look at the team that makes Meguiar’s…

1. Protect the Paint: Applying protection to the paint is essential for maintaining and preserving that brilliant like new shine. One of the best solutions for protecting and maintaining the shine on the paint of your new car is a long-lasting sealant like Meguiar’s® Ultimate Fast Finish. Simply spray onto the included microfiber towel, spread onto a section, and flip your towel for a final wipe. This leaves behind a coating that provides additional slickness and shine with polymer protection that lasts up to a full year.

2. Maintain Interior Plastic & Trim: We spend a lot of time in our cars so naturally you’ll want to keep your interior looking and feeling just as good as the exterior. For interior plastic and trim Meguiar’s offers a New Car Scent Protectant in full size premium wipes or as a convenient spray. Either option will work to clean, shine and protect vinyl, rubber and plastics while providing UV blockers for durable protection. In addition, both versions leave behind a new car shine and smell, and permanently eliminate any unwanted odors.*

3. Keep the Leather Fresh & Soft: Nothing compares to the look, smell and feel of brand new leather. To keep your new leather preserved and like new Meguiar’s has a Gold Class™ Leather Sealer Treatment that is a 2-step process allowing you to clean leather, if needed, and then follow up with the sealer that offers long-lasting protection. The Leather Prep removes any dirt, oils and grime, ensuring the best possible appearance, and maximizes the longevity of the included Leather Sealer. The Leather Sealer is then applied and creates a durable barrier of protection, nourishes the leather with conditioners, and keeps your leather looking new and feeling soft.

4. Keep the Interior Smelling Fresh: Over time with daily use the interior can start to smell less fresh and lose that new car scent. If your car isn’t smelling quite as fresh as it used to Meguiar’s has the perfect solution with their Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator – New Car Scent.  It works to eliminate tough odors and leaves a fresh, clean new car smell in the interior.* If you want to freshen the whole interior, including your ventilation system and keep your car smelling like new, the Whole Car Air-Refresher Odor Eliminator is the perfect choice.

5. Don’t Forget the Glass: The glass on vehicles can start to accumulate film, residue, even water spots. To keep your glass looking crystal clear Meguiar’s offers Perfect Clarity Glass Care Kit. This kit includes a Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound to deep clean the glass and remove water spots, stains and grime, and it thoroughly cleans the glass preparing the surface for the included Glass Sealant. Follow with the Perfect Clarity™ Glass Sealant. This is an easy to apply wipe-on, wipe-off formula that will help to maintain clarity and repel rain for months keeping the glass cleaner longer, while also improving visibility when driving in the rain.

6. Pack a Detailing Bag for the Trunk: For emergencies, it’s a great idea to have a variety of key products packed in a detailing bag in your trunk to help keep your car feeling like new longer. For the interior, you may want to have a product like Meguiar’s® Carpet & Cloth Re-Fresher that will permanently eliminate any unwanted odors.* It also instantly freshens any carpet or cloth surface while leaving behind a refreshing new car scent. If you end up with a fresh bird dropping, or water spots, and need to have the ability to quickly wash your car without a bucket or hose Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax is the ideal product to have. It safely lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective layer of hydrophobic wax. Just mist onto the paint and gently wipe off with a fresh Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel to clean, shine, and offer additional protection.

With these simple tips, you’re sure to keep your new car looking, smelling and feeling like new for years to come.

*DISCLAIMER: Meguiar’s Re-Fresher technology permanently removes existing bad odors through chemical bonding at a molecular level

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