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Rock Father Garden Update: July Harvest

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It’s still hot outside. Not as bad as when I posted my last update from The Rock Father Garden, but it’s still hitting 90 on a daily basis… and it’s still dry. We’ve finally had some rain, but it’s been in monsoon quantities for some very short periods of time. Too much, too fast – not right to make a dent in the incredibly dry earth – cracks in which can be seen running through our once green backyard. Sure, the green is returning, but man is that lawn scorched. We’ve kept the veggie garden watered, though it’s still been tough.

As noted last month, several plants spiked early. I pulled our sweet corn as it was both stunted and spiked. The Mandan Bride finally has ears, though the tassels went up so early, I have no idea how the kernels will be on each ear. Additionally, the pumpkins we planted alongside the corn have been fruitless thus far.
While we’ve had some failures, we’ve also had some successes. We’ve had more tomatoes than we could possibly eat ourselves,  and we’ve also seen some peppers in several varieties both from seed, and some from the Growums and Bonnie Plants batches.



And we’ve done well with baby carrots…


And for the first time ever, we have broccoli…

July has been a far better month than June…


Are any of you Gardening? Share your stories below! 

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