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For the past seven years, Danny Huynh Creations has been creating and sharing incredible animatronics and R/C vehicles on YouTube. The prolific creator is one of those must-watch channels with crossover appeal to those who are into robotics to fans of radio-controlled vehicles, music, and beyond.

One recent creation, however, is haunting — a Snoop Dogg animatronic cruising the neighborhood on what appears to be an RC drift trike. He’s even on the verge of smokin’! Check it out below.

Huynh is constantly uploading videos of his new creations. In fact, just two hours prior to this writing, he shared a video of an Alien Xenomorph playing the piano. Another recent favorite? An animatronic trio performing “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash. Check it out.

Watch out Five Nights at Freddy’s, there’s some tough competition over at Danny Huynh Creations.

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