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zomby-cover-125Gather ’round boils and ghouls! The 1998 Australia-only EP from SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS has been expanded to a full album, and is now available right here in the good ‘ol US of A. ZOMBIFIED has been rebuilt, remastered, repackaged, and reinvigorated with an additional five songs – just like a sonic Frankenstein (the monster, not the Doctor). A perfect addition to your 2011 Halloween Playlist, SCOTS uses their signature brand of surf-charged rockabilly to pay tribute to the drive-in horror and exploitation films of the past.

Having previously contributed to the soundtrack of 1997’s KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, and provided music for ”Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BLOOD FEAST 2: ALL U CAN EAT (aka BUFFET OF BLOOD) back in 2002, the band knows a thing or two about the connection between rock and horror.

There’s plenty to groove with here, as songs like Swamp ThingDevil’s Stomping Ground, and Eyeball You Later bring the rock, while those wishing to romance their zombie bride can do so with the sounds of Torture.

Ready to experience the October goodness for yourself? Well, gather ’round the bonfire and toss back a few bottles of that pumpkin beer (or just some quality moonshine) and get ZOMBIFIED!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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