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THE FORCE AWAKENS’ John Boyega – A STAR WARS Fan in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

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With the long-awaited release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, we’ve entered a new realm of having a STAR WARS film for a new generation that’s been created by fans of the Original Trilogy. While filmmaker J.J. Abrams may be the most famous STAR WARS fan to play in the live-action sandbox, as Yoda once said, “there is another…” Actor John Boyega (Finn aka FN-2187) wasn’t even born until March 17, 1992 – the very day that NO DOUBT released their debut album, and WHITE ZOMBIE would release their landmark LA SEXORCISTO: DEVIL MUSIC, Vol. 1 – the record that spawned the still in-rotation “Thunderkiss ’65.” When it comes to STAR WARS, it was an era known to myself as “The Dark Times” – nearly a decade past RETURN OF THE JEDI, and five years prior to the 20th Anniversary Special Editions. Boyega was just five years old when STAR WARS came back to the big screen in 1997 – and he missed it, his family opting for 1998’s Disney•Pixar collaboration A BUG’S LIFE for his first big screen experience. For Boyega, his “first step into a larger world” that is STAR WARS came with George Lucas’ Prequel Trilogy…

“I saw the film [1977’s STAR WARS] a few years after THE PHANTOM MENACE came out,” recalls Boyega during our interview at THE FORCE AWAKENS Global Press Conference in Los Angeles. “I was born in ’92, so I was exposed to the Prequels first, and as a kid I didn’t really care about story and all that kind of stuff. I just saw that green guy [Yoda] do an acrobatic [in 2002’s ATTACK OF THE CLONES], so I was like yeah, ‘Hell yeah! Turn it on, man! Turn it on! Turn it up!’ I enjoyed watching it as a kid, and then when I was older I was more aware that I wanted to be an actor, and I liked the story. I watched the originals and that just finished me – you know, apart from death and taxes,  I’m gonna be a STAR WARS fan for life!”

When Boyega first stepped foot onto the set of THE FORCE AWAKENS, he was given chills. On wrap day, he famously had Harrison Ford (read my interview with him, here) sign his JAKKS Pacific large-scale Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise action figure (video just surfaced) – an appropriate choice since audiences first glimpse at a new character in THE FORCE AWAKENS was Boyega’s Finn in full Stormtrooper gear… soon-to-be an action figure as well, part of Hasbro’s STAR WARS collection.

John Boyega as Finn in Stormtrooper Gear

“I know you were out on #ForceFriday – out with Daisy scooping up some of the new toys,” I said, recalling some Instagram videos that had surfaced, many since deleted as Boyega wiped and re-started his account just 8 weeks ago as a lead-up to the film.

“Yeah,  you saw me,” he replies with a sly grin – “Let’s just say I went into the Disney Store, and when I came out, there was nothing left!”

While George Lucas’ Original Trilogy spawned countless hours of play for millions of kids around the world, now that play inspires those who are carrying that cinematic torch. On-screen, we know that Finn wields a familiar blue lightsaber in parts of THE FORCE AWAKENS, and while Boyega readily admits playing with a lightsaber during his own youth, the actor fancies himself to be more akin to Han in real life.

John Boyega

“I was more of a Han dude. I wasn’t really into Luke like that,” states Boyega about his personal allegiance in the realm of STAR WARS fandom. “It’s not because he wasn’t a good character. It’s just because I like the characters that represent human beings in these kind of projects. If any of us were in the STAR WARS universe, we wouldn’t be Luke. We wouldn’t be trying to fight against The Empire – Hell, no! I’m trying to live, I’m trying to be Han. I’m trying to make money! I’m trying to survive! The only reason why I would be brave is to save my own life, all right?”

John Boyega and Oscar Isaac
Pictured: Boyega (left) with Oscar Isaac as Resistance Pilot Poe Dameron

So how does that translate into John Boyega and Harrison Ford as Finn and Han on the big screen?

“Harrison and I formed a really interesting relationship that really has influenced the Finn and the Han relationship – the way in which Finn sees Han. It’s like, ‘Oh man, yeah, Gramps is cool! And Han is kind of like, ‘Dude, I’m Han Solo, like, have respect,’ and there’s no respect whatsoever. But I think that Han sees a young Han in Finn, and so they form this bond, and it’s gonna be so hilarious when you see their duo, and the lack of respect for each other, but the undertone of love that they have for each other. It’s pretty cool.”

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS opens Friday, December 18, 2015. Get tickets now via Fandango.

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