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STAR WARS Updates: ROGUE ONE “Sabotage,” Kevin Smith & New Toys…

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The latest trailer for Gareth Edwards’ ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY continues to ignite audiences with enthusiasm and curiosity, and the release of that clip just a week ago is the catalyst for a few bits in this installment of our STAR WARS roundup here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine…

ROGUE ONE gets “Sabotaged”

The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” is forever linked to another big-screen sci-fi franchise thanks to J.J. Abrams introducing it into his STAR TREK reboot series for Paramount.  There’s also that Beastie connection in THE FORCE AWAKENS with Resistance Pilot Ello Atsy, whose name recalls the album HELLO NASTY, and who has Aurebesh text on his helmet that translates to “Born to Ill.” Now one fan has taken things to a whole new level by cutting a fresh ROGUE ONE trailer using “Sabotage” as the soundtrack. While it might be jarring to envision non-cinematic (or non-John Williams) music against the visuals of STAR WARS, this is still pretty cool.

Kevin Smith on THE STAR WARS SHOW:

Having seen CLERKS many times over the years, Kevin Smith certainly solidified himself as a STAR WARS die-hard back in ’94 with discussion about Death Star contractors. In this week’s installment of THE STAR WARS Show, Smith visits Lucasfilm for a sit-down, while some time is given to show-off fan reaction to the ROGUE ONE trailer.

ROGUE ONE Toys – The Rebellion Starts Early

September 30th is the second installment of “Force Friday,” likely dubbed “Rogue Friday” as the official launch for toys and merchandise from the upcoming film. The various licensees and retailers are bound by street dates and agreements which often go ignored at store level, and while all involved get irritated when things slip out early, this is a Rebellion, isn’t it? Two new vehicles from Hasbro’s ROGUE ONE Collection have emerged, with pictures showing up over at Idle Hands. The Rebel U-Wing Fighter and Imperial TIE Striker both come with action figures and NERF Functions. Additionally, the first assortment of STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES action figures have been revealed as well, with photos circulating on Facebook. Check out our Hasbro ROGUE ONE Checklist right here to keep track of what’s coming.

RIP Kenny Baker (1934-2016):

Sadly, actor Kenny Baker, the man who brought R2-D2 to life, has died. Check out this profile on StarWars.com for a tribute.


Rian Johnson has begun editing EPISODE VIII, and composer John Williams is expected to begin work soon.


Day one!

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