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Star Wars 40th AnniversaryMattel’s ever-expanding line of Star Wars-inspired toys has been a big favorite here at Rock Father HQ, both with our family and readers of the site alike. Leading the charge has been the Star Wars Hot Wheels Character Cars (checklist here), and as promised last year, the 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando will be the place to get the exclusive Biggs Darklighter car – the winner of a fan’s choice poll. As I’m not attending Celebration in-person, this one might be tough to get (I missed out on the previous Celebration-exclusive Boba Fett as well), but it’s definitely something to see. Check out the image below, as debuted by Yahoo! this morning.


The casting of the car itself is very similar (if not identical) to the previously-released Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) vehicle, but the helmet has been colored to match Biggs’. Additionally, the front bumper now represents the famous mustache of Luke’s longtime friend. For me, the appeal of this particular release is the packaging – the card itself – which reflects the 40th Anniversary of the Star Wars Saga by using the vintage-style chrome “racing stripe” design, along with an era-specific version of the Hot Wheels logo. It looks as if this could’ve been made in 1977, and thus creates a dilemma… I’d probably have to keep this in its package, and I notoriously open my Hot Wheels so that The Rock Daughters™ and I can play with them.

The retail price on this is just $10, but expect flippers to have them on eBay en masse later this week for an inflated price.

For the latest news from the Star Wars Galaxy, including Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Phil Lord & Christopher Miller’s Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels, and all of the newest toys and more, check out!

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