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#TFNY: Exclusive First-Look Debut – Madballs Series 2!


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The return of MADBALLS has been a big hit for the folks at Just Play, and with Series 1 (reviewed here) flying off of store shelves, kids and collectors have been eager to learn more about Series 2. In fact, we just cracked a box of MadBalls Blind Bags on YouTube Live (see it here), and the kids were immediately wondering, “where’s the rest?” Well, as New York Toy Fair gets underway, my friends at Just Play have partnered with The Rock Father to give you a first-look at some of the new characters that will be hitting stores this Fall! There’s new 3″ Foam Balls, plus a new assortment of Blind Packs – including new characters and grotesque Mix-Ups! Details and photo gallery below!

MadBalls 3” Foam Balls: Kids and collectors are going MAD for Madballs, the cult classic first introduced in 1985! Relaunched this spring featuring six core characters: Skull Face, Dustbrain, Horn Head, Screamin’ Meemie, Oculus Orbus and Slobulus, the new Madballs line will have new, grotesque faces join the collection for Wave 2, Fall 2017. The fall collection will include six new Madballs characters: Bruise Brother, Fist Face, Snake Bait, Buzzoff, Swine Sucker, and Lock Lips. Each three inch Madball is made with amazingly gross detail and features a soft foam material – perfect for tossing, slamming, bouncing and collecting! Each sold separately. Ages 4+, $7.99 each, Available Fall 2017

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MadBalls Blind Packs: The Madballs Blind Packs feature foam favorites of unsightly Madballs characters in a collectible 1.5” pocket size. Each Madball is made with amazingly grotesque detail and comes packaged in a foil blind pack, ready to be revealed! These totally gross figures are perfect for kids and collectors alike! For Fall 2017, Wave 2 will feature 13 characters including: Wolf, Slobbernaut, Freaky Fullback, Aargh, Skunkvenger, Sushissasin, Skull Face, Slobulus, Dustbrain, Horn Head, Oculus Orbus, Sceamin’ Meemie, and Horn Head Ultra Rare. Each character sold separately. Ages 4+, $2.99 each, Available Fall 2017

Bonus – Series 1 Blind Bags Unboxing:

Stay tuned for more Toy News, right here on THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine!

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