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#TFNY: Toy Fair First Look – PAW Patrol’s 2017 Lineup – Sea Patrol! New Lookout! Big Adventures!


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I’m a firm believer that Spin Master’s PAW Patrol is one of the best toy lines of the past decade. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that their line of figures, vehicles and playsets is a future Hall of Famer – a collection that could easily hang with some favorites of my own youth back in the 80s. PAW Patrol is a toy line that the kids of today will be telling their kids about 30 years from now, and backed by a hit series on Nick Jr., the adventure just keeps getting bigger. Last year, I gave you a first-look at where the Pups would be headed, and now I’m back to give you another look into the future, with the full reveal of Spin Master’s 2017 PAW Patrol line! Ryder and the crew have conquered land… and air… and now it’s time to conquer the sea! Straight outta New York Toy Fair, here’s what’s next for PAW Patrol!

Spin Master PAW Patrol Lifesize Tower 2

PAW Patrol Life Sized Lookout Tower: Big rescues call for an even bigger tower. Bring the most iconic location in Adventure Bay to life with the new Life Sized Lookout Tower Playset.

With a working elevator, a backpack storage unit, lights and sounds, a functioning periscope, a spiral slide with flipping mechanism, and a rotating base with vehicle launcher, it’s never been easier to recreate moments from the show and embark on new PAW Patrol Rescues. Available Fall 2017. Ages 3+ MSRP $99.99

Spin Master PAW Patrol Lifesize Tower

PAW Patrol Sea Patroller: Sail to the rescue with the newest PAW Patrol team vehicle – the Sea Patroller.

Spin Master PAW Patrol Paw Sea Patroller

With an amazing sea-to-land transformation, the Sea Patroller is prepared for wherever the rescue leads. It’s equipped with a boat-load of features including lights and sounds, a working crane, a lifesaver launcher, and storage for basic vehicles. The Sea Patroller comes with an exclusive Ryder figure and his ATV, an exploration cage, and a baby octopus. MSRP: $59.99

PAW Patrol Sea Patrol Deluxe Figures: The pups are ready for a Sea Patrol Rescue!


Each pup comes outfitted in their new Sea Patrol gear that includes a removable light-up backpack to keep the sea safe ands a mission card for use with the Sea Patrol Pup Pad. Collect all six PAW Patrol Sea Patrol figures. MSRP: $9.99

PAW Patrol Sea Patrol Themed Vehicles: Roll to the rescue with the new Sea Patrol Themed Vehicles.

Spin Master PAW Patrol Sea Patrol Vehicles

Each pup has a new Sea Patrol vehicle with an amazing all-new land-to-sea transformation. Collect all six PAW Patrol Sea Patrol Themed Vehicles and each comes with a figure. MSRP: $12.99

PAW Patrol Roll Patrol – Marshall’s Fire Rescue: Help Marshall save the day with the Marshall’s Fire Rescue Playset.

Spin Master PAW Patrol Marshall Town Rescue

After a quick stop at the water tank, put out the flames on the burning building. Playset comes with an exclusive motorized Paw Racer, works with other Paw Racers, and connects to other PAW Patrol Roll Patrol sets.

PAW Patrol Roll Patrol – Rubble’s Mountain Rescue: A baby polar bear is stuck on Jake’s Mountain, help Rubble on a daring Mountain Rescue.

Spin Master PAW Patrol Rubble Mountain Rescue

Lift Rubble to the top of the mountain via the working elevator. Free the basket and watch the bear slide down the spiral track to safety. Then watch Rubble descend the mountain on the spiral track.

Playset comes with an exclusive Rubble Paw Racer, works with other Paw Racers, and connects to other PAW Patrol Roll Patrol sets. MSRP: $39.99

New Spring 2017 PAW Patrol items available now —

PAW Patrol Mission Cruiser: There’s trouble in Barkingburgh and the pups need their PAW Patrol Mission Cruiser. It’s a Mission Paw.

Spin Master PAW Patrol Mission Cruiser

At the touch of a button, activate the sounds and transform the Mission Cruiser into a mobile command center! Insert the exclusive mission card and launch the Mini Vehicles into action. The Mission Cruiser comes with an exclusive Robo Dog and his Mini Vehicle, can hold up to 3 mini vehicles, and has front and back compartments for more storage and play. MSRP: $34.99. New Mission Paw figures and vehicles also available.

PAW Patrol Mission Pup Pad: Lead the rescue and call the pups into action with the new Mission Pup Pad.

Spin Master PAW Patrol Mission Pup Pad

Insert one of the six mission cards included with the Pup Pad and press the button to activate the mission. Choose the pups needed for the rescue, hear their signature phrases and save the day. Insert another mission card for a new rescue. Collect more mission cards in other Mission Paw sets for use with the Pup Pad. MSRP: $19.99

PAW Patrol Roll Patrol – Skye & Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue: Fly around the lighthouse with Skye to Patrol Adventure Bay for trouble and Zuma down on the island to save the day.

Spin Master PAW Patrol Skye Zumas Lighthouse Rescue2

Playset comes with a Skye figure, Zuma Paw Racer, works with other Paw Racers, and connects to other PAW Patrol Roll Patrol sets. MSRP: $39.99

Spin Master has a massive assortment of new toys on display at the 2017 New York Toy Fair, and PAW Patrol is just a small portion. Stay tuned for new on Rusty Rivets, Star Wars, Air Hogs and more, right here on THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine!

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