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I loved Lazer Tag as a kid, but even more so I loved Photon. There was actually an arena in Harvey, Illinois that I was able to visit once for a birthday party, and for over three decades I’ve been bummed that I never got a chance to go back. Why am I thinking of that tonight? Well, because Laser X has been bringing that action back for the past couple of years, and at the 2018 edition of the North American International Toy Fair in New York, they’re adding Micro Blasters to their “ultimate high-tech game of tag.” NYC-based NSI International Inc. says that “the new 5-inch blasters are super small, but deliver big fun.”

NSI Laser X 2

From the Official Announcement: Like other Laser X gear, Micro Blasters feature state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects that bring the excitement of a laser tag arena right to your own backyard.  Strap a receiver onto your upper arm, and blast opponents up to 100 feet away. Reloading is easier than ever; Just press and hold the trigger.

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“Laser X is about living the action and adventure – not playing on a screen,” says NSI Vice President, Brian Waldman, one of the creators of Laser X. “Micro Blasters are small enough to keep in your backpack, so you’re always ready for a game – anytime, anywhere.”

Micro Blasters are the newest addition to a line of products that includes: original Laser X, which blasts 200 feet; a Long-Range Blaster, which blasts 400 feet; and a Gaming Tower with 10-built-in games. All Laser X gear works together, but only with other Laser X gear.

“We’re building a world of Laser X,” says NSI President Frank Landi. “We’re giving kids and adults a true system that lets them get up and play, like nothing else can!”

Landi notes that NSI is the first company to successfully bring back at-home laser tag, which was incredibly popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

“Millions of kids around the world are playing Laser X,” he says. “Our product has achieved so many 5-star consumer reviews because it’s an affordable game that uses advanced technology, but is easy to play. Most importantly, all our gear works together. It would be challenging for a competitor to introduce a product line that hits so many touch points with consumers of all ages, without just copying what we’ve done.”

Laser X has consistently been a top seller at major U.S. retailers including Target, Walmart and Toys R Us. It has also made “Hot Toy” lists all over the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and even Japan – a country where it is extremely rare for toys and trends to catch on if they didn’t originate there.

“Only Laser X lets you play with an unlimited number of players,” Landi says. “You don’t need a smartphone. There are no complicated instructions. And while Laser X incorporates sophisticated electronics, it’s easy enough for even a younger child to play right out of the box. Whatever Laser X gear you have, you can join in the fun.”

Micro Blasters are recommended for ages 6+ and retail for $29.99 for a double set and $14.99 to equip a single player. The game is available at and is coming soon to Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Costco and Target.

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