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The weather here in Northern Illinois continues to be weird. Maybe those wacky Mayans were right… but at this point, anyone that wants to deny Global Climate Change is a real blockhead. We skipped Spring and went straight into Summer in mid-March, and while we’ve hit proper Spring temperatures for the first week in April, it’s supposed to freeze tonight. What type of damage will Jack Frost be doing to all the premature perennials that have emerged already? I have no idea, but the days ahead will certainly be telling. Regardless, the little one and I have been doing some work in The Rock Father Garden, and we’ve had a little help.

Our little friend from Tatooine has returned, as the ceremonial placement of The Garden JAWA has taken place. 


If you don’t appreciate the first STAR WARS film, I’m truly sorry that you cannot appreciate the glory of having a junk scavenger and dealer of stolen droids hanging out in the Garden for most of the year. While some of my neighbors have their friendly Gnomes, I’m quite happy with this guy, whom I’d previously reviewed at length for another site back in 2010 when he was first released.  


This week was filled with preparation, as the cold winds and deceivingly sunny days have made staying outside at length a difficult proposition for the toddler. The lawn got it’s first cut of the year, with the Fiskars Momentum getting called back into action. The rechargeable Weed Eater has confirmed that it’s days are numbered, as it’s falling apart while entering just it’s third season of use. Following the cut and trim, we decided to start prepping our two raised vegetable beds.


Helping out this year is The Garden Weasel. I’ve always wanted one of these, and this year I finally bought one. Super Kmart, $24.99 – and so far I’m digging it. Garden Weasel makes some other tools I’m interested in trying out, so I may have to track them down as the season moves along. 

While we get the outside going, we’ve got the inside growing – with seeds. While our Growums Adventure is progressing quite well, the first batch of seeds that I’ve started inside this year has been disappointing thus far. For the first time I opted to try a Burpee Seed Starting Tray as opposed to the Jiffy Trays that I’ve always used in the past. It looked “fancier,” but for whatever reason – the seeds just haven’t “popped” like they usually do. I have a bunch more seeds to start, so we’ll be using the Jiffy Trays and some other assorted seed-starting methods going forward. Photos to follow as I keep the updates on The Rock Father Garden coming along.

Have any of you gotten started on your 2012 Gardening Projects yet? If so, feel free to share your stories! 

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