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Watch: Some Easter ‘Eggs’ from Gustafer Yellowgold…

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If you missed my review of Gustafer Yellowgold’s YEAR IN THE DAY earlier this week, hit this link to get caught up on why you and your little ones should be paying attention. That said, as our little buddy from The Sun has been exploring the Holidays of his new Earthly home, he’s posted a music video that’s just perfect for this weekend. ”Eggs” is peaceful ode to the millions of colorful gems that are about to be dropped off by a six-foot anthropomorphic bunny this weekend. Whether you and your little ones celebrate ”Easter,” or just prefer to celebrate Spring (like me!), here’s a song for you.


Curious to learn more about young Yellowgold’s adventures? Head over to Facebook and give him a “like!”

Eggs is also a featured video on The Rock Father’s all-new YouTube Channel, and I’d certainly appreciate it if you’d check it out and subscribe.

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