Do you own a car and want to keep it in tip-top condition for a long time? The first rule of thumb is to take it to an experienced auto technician for service as required. When you schedule preventative maintenance, your mechanic’s primary focus will be to ensure that the different parts of your vehicle are working as they should.

During your visit to your local auto shop, your mechanic inspects your car and checks whether some components need tightening or if there are vehicle parts that should be cleaned. If your oil, brake, or transmission fluid is low, they’ll change that as well. They’ll also give you a date to return for another checkup. Read on to learn why you should maintain your vehicle regularly.

Maintaining Your Vehicle Helps You Save Money

After buying a car, you will receive one handbook outlining when to service your vehicle. If you stick to these regulations, you’ll spend less keeping your vehicle on the road. For instance, if your mechanic changes air filters during the scheduled car service, more air will flow into your car engine, and it will not have to work extra hard, hence saving on fuel consumption.

Oil change cycles are another vital car servicing maintenance practice after buying a car that will put less strain on your finances if followed. One problem you’ll encounter when you don’t change your oil within the required cycle is that it will accumulate dirt and debris. When this happens, it increases friction on moving parts of the engine, which may eventually cause your car to stall.

Your Vehicle Will Be Safer on the Road

If you maintain your vehicle regularly, you’ll never have to deal with issues that may compromise your vehicle’s safety. The braking system is among the important components you should check during your regular service. Your vehicle brakes help to slow down and stop your car when needed. Therefore, when they aren’t functioning correctly, they can put you at risk of a serious accident, particularly in emergency situations.

During your brake service, ensure that the mechanic inspects and addresses problems like leaks on the brake line, faulty rotors, and worn-out brake pads. In addition to a faulty braking system, car vibrations can compromise your vehicle’s safety while driving. Your vehicle may shake while driving if you have these three faulty components — carrier bearings, couplers, and universal joints. Checking for these issues during regular maintenance will prevent the car from losing control, especially when driving at high speed and causing an accident.

You’ll Hardly Deal With Unwanted Vehicle Problems

If you follow your vehicle manufacturer’s service recommendations, the chances of your car experiencing major issues are slim. In most cases, problems with vehicle components like the engine take time to develop. Regular service after buying a car helps prevent minor problems from becoming bigger issues. For instance, if you maintain your engine oil at the recommended level, the engine will operate smoothly, and there won’t be any issues with overheating.

Additionally, maintaining optimal transmission and brake fluid will keep these systems working efficiently, helping to improve your driving experience. Maintaining the right engine coolant level also helps the engine to run cool, extending its lifespan.

Your Vehicle’s Value Will Increase

When you take your vehicle for sale or trade-in at a dealership, they’ll start by checking the make, model, and overall condition before coming up with a final price. Usually, they will perform a visual inspection or use a code reader to check whether there are parts with issues. If you’ve been keeping a record of past maintenance work, it will help you prove that you’ve been taking steps to maximize its value.

While taking steps to maintain your car is supposed to help you get a good price, some dealerships think about their interest and will give you a price slightly lower than the market rate. In such cases, consider widening your search. In fact, the American used car dealer industry has experienced a 1.8% growth from 2018 to 2023. So, with proper maintenance, you’ll undoubtedly find a dealer who will give you a reasonable price.

When you adhere to the maintenance cycle provided by your car manufacturer, your vehicle will run efficiently for a long time. You’ll also start to notice improvements in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Additionally, you’re assured of getting a reasonable price if you wish to sell it. With the information provided in this guide, you should now make better decisions regarding your vehicle maintenance.

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