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It’s 4:26am as I type this – here, I sit in a Cleveland hotel room, thinking of my family and how I actually got here in the first place. I do what I do both for and because of my family. Little did I know that becoming a father would become a source of so much adventure (personal and professional), and that it would all make for the best gig in the world (being a Dad) – one filled with little side gigs like the one I’m on today. I’m in Ohio as a Brand Ambassador for Step2 – one of the biggest American toymakers there is – and it’s all because of one special girl… and the two special girls that we created together. Fifteen years ago today… August 7, 1999, my wife and I were married. It was just two years prior that we’d gone on our first date – and a mere three months after that when we’d become engaged. Then, on August 7, 2009… our 10th Wedding Anniversary, I became “The Rock Father” when our first daughter, Adalyn, was born. Today, our first little girl turns five!

Wedding - 1999While I’m not home today, the family will Skype together tonight. We had a fantastic joint birthday party for both of our girls this past weekend (Little Finley turned two back in June, but after doing two parties last year, it became clear that one big one was the best logistic choice going forward), and Jen will make sure that Addie has a special day with a few extra gifts from Mommy and Daddy, along with a little cake to celebrate.

Fifteen years of marriage… five years of parenthood. I still can’t believe we’ll have a kindergartner in a few weeks. 

We’re doing our first real Back-to-School shopping on Monday.

The Adventure Continues!

Here’s what our family looked like this past Saturday after Addie’s last baseball game of the season…



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