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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: A look at the Deluxe Combat Warrior Action Figures #TMNTweek


This article is more than 10 years old and may not have been updated since our last site redesign. It may contain outdated information or could be missing images.

Even as a kid (and later “Adult Collector”) of action figures, I’d always had mixed feelings on the so-called “Deluxe” assortments. They present options that need to be considered carefully – especially if you can only have “one” – meaning, either the basic, or the deluxe. On one hand, the deluxe option may have a cool action feature that you have to have… but on the flip, that might mean sacrificing some poseability, and that might equate to a deluxe figure not being able to fit in your favorite vehicle. For Nickelodeon and Paramount’s new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie, this applies, as Playmates toys is offering all four turtles as Deluxe “Combat Warrior” variants – each in standard size to match the basic assortment, but with impressive battle features. Here at Rock Father HQ, we have Donatello and Michelangelo – both sent to us for review. While they do have to lose some articulation, they’re quick with the wrists to wield their “Triple Terror Twist Nunchucks” and “Smack-Down Spinning Staff.”


If I had to tell you my pick between basic and deluxe – I couldn’t. They’re both great, so I’d say “buy ’em both!” – which is what the 10-year-old in me would want to say. The only thing definitive I can lay down on this one is that my oldest looks adorable putting on swim goggles to emulate Donatello as she plays TMNT with her friends… while wearing an American Girl shirt, no less. It warms my heart.

TMNT Deluxe Figures (including Leonardo with “Quick Cut Katana Action” and Raphael with “Serious Slashing Sai Action”) are available at retailers everywhere, including (my associate) Amazon:



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