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Toy Review: Flick-to-Stick Bungees (Jazwares)


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BungeesIf the success of properties like SKYLANDERS have taught us anything, it’s that kids love to “collect” the forces that make up their games. It’s nothing new, really, but the collector mentality now finds it’s way into Flick-to-Stick Bungees – a new “competitive strategy game” that will include nearly 100 figures in the months ahead. The elements that form the core of Bungees owe a lot to past crazes like MAGIC: THE GATHERING, POKEMON and POGS. Cards… figures… disks… they’re all here, but this is a bit different. Through the magic of magnets, the Bungees stick to everything – the game board, the cards, and the disks – and there’s multiple gameplay options. In the beginning, it all comes back to the flicking, and that will lead to the sticking…

Created by Magic Box Int. and brought to market here in the U.S. by the folks at Jazwares (they’ve been out in Europe for a couple of years), we received the Deluxe Pack which includes 4 Exclusive Bungees figures, 4 corresponding cards, 4 disks, a collector’s guide and gameboard.


Who are the Bungees?

Formed at the core of the Earth, after an asteroid strike millions of years ago, Bungees are both earthly and alien. Bungees have evolved unique features, including an inner magnetism, which allow them to compete for territorial dominance.  The battle for the title of Bungees World Cup Champion, previously fought within inner-Earth, is now moving to the surface.

Following the transmedia model, there’s an entire Bungees World that is being built online – aiming to get kids further immersed in the game through elaborate backstories, video content and more, but for now it’s all about the game… so how does it play?

Recommended for Ages 4+, Bungees is about Flick-to-Stick, Stick-to-Score – which means you flick the figure to send it flying, then land it on a card or disk with an assigned point value. Here’s an example of how it works (click to see it bigger at Bungees World):


There is a learning curve here, and one that can be frustrating for younger players, as witnessed first-hand while playing with my five-year-old daughter, Addie. Both she and her little sister LOVE the figures themselves (not for kids under 3), but the actual game play in terms of flicking and scoring seems better-suited for kids probably in the 7-8+ range.

That’s not to say that just flicking these things all over the place isn’t fun… scoring aside.


The flicking takes practice, and that means there is a true skill factor to master. At first the entire experience can seem random, but believe me… it can be calculated, and I’m sure there’s players out there that will become formidable opponents if Bungees catch on here in the ‘States.

Flick-to-Stick Bungees are shipping now, and will be available from many retailers, including (my affiliates): Amazon and Entertainment Earth.



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