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On September 9, there’s a new collection of DOC McSTUFFINS episodes headed for DVD! DOC McSTUFFINS: SCHOOL OF MEDICINE is a compilation that showcases “the many specialties in which doctors practice medicine and health care in a manner that young kids can comprehend.”  In her playhouse clinic, Doc is an optometrist, helping her stuffed owl toy, Professor Hoostburgh, to see clearly again.  As a dentist, she fixes a tooth on Donny’s toy shark Mr. Chomp and, as a radiologist, Doc takes an inside look at Daisy’s arm after a Roller Disco fall.  Then, Doc accidentally sprains her own ankle, so it’s up to her toys to provide the care and compassion to Doc herself and with rest,  patience and plenty of cuddles, she will be as good as new, singing  “The Doc is in.”   

DocMcStuffinsSchoolofMedEpisodes on the new DVD include:
  • Chilly Gets Chilly / Through The Reading Glass (Optometry)
  • Hallie’s Happy Birthday / Shark-Style Toothache (Dentistry)
  • Think Pink / You Foose, You Lose (Sports Medicine)
  • Disco Dress Up Daisy / The Glider Brothers (Imaging/Radiology)
  • Celestial Celeste / Run Doc, Run! (Imaging/Radiology)

Created by Chris Nee, DOC McSTUFFINS features the voices of Kiara Muhammad (as Doc McStuffins); Loretta Devine (as Hallie); Lara Jill Miller (as Lambie); Robbie Rist (as Stuffy); Jess Harnell (as Chilly); Jaden Betts (as Donny McStuffins); Kimberly Brooks (as Mom McStuffins); and Gary Anthony Williams (as Dad McStuffins).

I really need to do a guest shot on this show. I have the experience… but I let my agent go when I became “The Rock Father…”   
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