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Whether you’re an expert with vehicles or a beginner who’s never worked on a car, reupholstering your vehicles can be intimidating. How do you know which fabric to pick, and how do you know when you actually need to get the seats reupholstered anyway? Luckily, upholstering your seats doesn’t have to be complicated. Use these simple tips to make sure your vehicle’s seats are ready to go.

Choosing The Right Fabric

There are many reasons people choose to get their cars or other vehicles reupholstered, one of them being aesthetics. This especially true for older vehicles, which make up a surprising amount of cars on the road today. According to IHS Markit research, more than 20 million vehicles being driven in 2021 will be over 25 years old. When you’re driving an older car, you want to make sure your interior stays updated and in line with more current looks.

However, choosing the right fabric for your vehicle goes beyond the look of it; you have to make sure the material you’re choosing is right for the type of vehicle. It might not matter quite as much for a basic car, where the seats aren’t generally exposed to the elements. However, if you’re one of the 87 million U.S. adults that participate in boating, for example, and you own a boat that will have seats exposed to water damage, you’ll need a material that’s able to stand up to those conditions. Be sure to consider what the material will need to withstand when you’re picking out your seat material.

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Upholstery Maintenance And Timeline

Do you actually need to get your seats reupholstered? Generally speaking, your vehicle’s seats will need to be reupholstered only if there’s serious damage to the structure of the seat itself. For example, if the foam is missing from the seat, your best option is to reupholster it and have it repaired.

However, if your seats are only stained, you might be able to save the fabric and save yourself an expensive chore. If you do get something on the upholstery that might stain, clean it up as quickly as possible to prevent it sinking into the fabric. However, if the stain is already set, there’s still a chance it might come out; just make sure you use the appropriate cleaner for the type of stain you have. Many stains can be taken out with common household cleaners, so you might be able to fix the issue without an extra trip to the store.

Reupholstering your vehicle can either be a fun way to add new life into your vehicle, or a reasonable fix for major interior problems. Either way, these tips can help you save money, time, and stress next time you need to reupholster.

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