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As the micro collectibles movement continues to grow, one recent entrant owes a lot to the past. Back in the early 80s, a decade or so before Micro Machines did plastic miniature figures, Kenner toys released the Star Wars Micro Collection – small, diecast figures and playsets. The figures weren’t articulated, and the line never caught on, but there were other diecast figures out there, and they became more appealing to collectors as time went on. This year, Jada Toys expanded their METALS Diecast series by shrinking it down. Nano MetalFigs are tiny diecast figurines from a variety of pop culture licensees. There’s Harry Potter, DC Comics (perfect for Justice League), Disney/Pixar, Marvel, WWE and more – and the individual figures start at just 99 cents, making them a perfect stocking stuffer!

NanoMetalfigs DC 20Pack

Beyond the single packs, Nano MetalFigs come in themed packages of 5, 10 or 20 characters. There’s also Nano Scenes – miniature display pieces that appear to be playsets, but are essentially designed to be detailed displays. There’s the DC Comics Batcave, Harry Potter’s Gryffindor Tower, and a recently-issued lighted display case. 

Nano MetalFigs Batcave

We received the Batcave set for review this fall and it’s fantastic. Not only is it a detailed Batcave replica presented in a really space-saving design, it also has a light up Bat Symbol that adds to the ambiance. Even the Nano Scenes are affordable, priced at less than $30 on average – and I’ve seen them on-sale for around $20. 

NanoMetalfigs WWE 20Pack 01 1030x687 NanoMetalfigs HarryPotter 20Pack 01 1030x687

Jada Nano MetalFigs are available at major retailers including Walmart, Toys “R” Us and Target, and online. 

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