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Our foam-based arsenal is growing here at Rock Father HQ, and the most recent addition is the NERF N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster. Sent to us by Hasbro for review, this new offering for Spring 2014 is undoubtedly my favorite Nerf blaster thus far. Problem is, it might actually be a little bit too powerful, and it’s already gotten me into a little bit of trouble.

megamagnus1As I emerged from the sliding glass door of my house and out onto the deck, the plants in the backyard might’ve thought I was a T-800 model TERMINATOR when I raised the Mega Magnus, cocked back the slide, and loaded the chamber with a single Mega Dart of the three held in it’s internal magazine. Without really aiming or taking time to properly assess what I was actually planning to do, I pulled the trigger and promptly fired a shot clear over the farthest fence and into my neighbor’s yard. This is the guy that walks around in his underwear all day and has two annoying (and angry) dogs, so I slipped into their yard quickly and stealthily, hoping to avoid detection in an effort to retrieve the dart. Mission accomplished.



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Recommended for Ages 8 and up, the Mega Magnus claims to have a range of “up to 85 feet.” From the initial shot, I could see that being accurate, but my second shot would prove less successful. Intrigued by the “whistle” of these Mega Darts, I aimed my blaster to the sky and let off a shot, hoping to see it fly up and come back down. A quick wind gust, and my dart either wound up over my house, on the roof, or likely in a gutter – never to be seen again. In fact, it’s been over a week, and still no sign of the dart, but 10-pack Refills are available on Amazon for under $5 bucks, so I think an order is in-place. While long range accuracy might be questionable, the POWER is impressive, and if the official Nerf commercials are any indication, that makes it prime for some pranks…


Rock Father ApprovedReasonably-priced, with extreme power and long range, the Nerf Mega Magnus N-Strike is a ton of fun, and comes highly recommended.

Rock Father-approved!

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