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This Tub O’ Towels special feature is presented in collaboration with Federal Process Corporation…

It’s a rare occasion that it actually happens, but once in a great while, something comes along that becomes so essential, you find yourself wondering how you got along without it in the first place. Even more curious are the times when things manifest themselves as the unintended side-effect of something else. In the art world, Bob Ross might’ve called those “happy accidents,” but in the physical realm I always think of those instances of accidental awesome – like the creation of Silly Putty. Sometimes you set out do to solve one problem and you end up solving something else. That’s essentially what happened in the case of Federal Process Corporation and Tub O’ Towels. They set out to create a product capable of removing industrial sealant, but ended-up with something so versatile and safe that it can be used to clean-up household messes with shocking ease. Tub O’ Towels (available at my affiliate, Amazon) has been a staple of garages for years, but it needs to crossover to the household radar. For parents, grandparents and anyone with kids and pets, I’m here to tell you that Tub O’ Towels has become an absolute essential here at Rock Father HQ, and they should be at your house, too!

Tub O' Towels - Floor Mess

The Rock Daughters™ are messy. Paint, markers, crayons and of course, SLIME. Thick, gooey, glittery slime. It’s everywhere, and in multiple colors, too! There’s also that weird finger print grime that ends up everywhere. It’s a blackish film that ends up on the walls about as high as a chair rail, as if the kids just have to run their dirty hands along the paint no matter which wall they’re walking next to. With a Tub O’ Towels wipe or two, the Bond Buster™ technology works to use real science to break the molecular bond between the surface and the grime. But let’s talk about that slime again for a minute. In our youngest daughter’s room, there was a patch of solidified, toxic green slime that has been on the carpet for months. When the girls initially made the mess and couldn’t get it out, they hid it with a toy. I used spray carpet cleaner on it and couldn’t get it out. I read countless “how to get slime out of carpet” tutorials. I couldn’t even soften the hardened crust. Guess what did?

Tub O' Towels Slime Cleaning Tub O' Towels Slime Cleaning

Outside, I’ve used Tub O’ Towels on my gas grill both on the painted and stainless steel surface. They’ve been used on my lawn and garden tools from my lawnmower to my trimmers. I’ve even used Tub O’ Towels wipes to remove mildew and grime from our water table and other outdoor toys. If you’ve ever had a water table, you’ve probably seen the icky film that tends to form on the plastic. Drain the water, break out the Tub O’ Towels and it’s all clean for the next fill-up!

Tub O' Towels Outdoor Toy Cleaning Tub O' Towels Outdoor Toy Cleaning

And for indoor toys, they’re great, too! The play kitchen is a constant source of questionable messes, and I’ve wiped them all out. The other day, we even cleaned the entire Playmobil city (those buildings can collect grime in all kinds of little nooks and crannies).  

There’s always some of the garage use as well, and I’ve put these things to the test in the engine bay as I continue plugging away on The xB Mission (my car restoration project)…

Tub O' Towels Engine Bay Cleaning

Auto, home, projects – you name it. Tub O’ Towels can remove paints, caulk, sticker residue, questionable goo, permanent marker, food and drink stains, grease, oil, tar, scuff marks, glue and ink – the possibilities are immense. 

One of the best things about Tub O’ Towels is that they’re not weak like other wipes and paper towels. I like the over-sized 10″x12″ versions, and since these are a poly-blend, they don’t fray and tear like a paper towel, and that means no fibrous residue left behind! Each pre-moistened wipe is also packed with Lanolin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, so they’re great on hands. Since they come in different pack sizes – including single-use – you can stash these in a glove box, diaper bag, you name it – so that when a mess happens, you’re ready. Like when your 9-year-old decides to shoot GoGo SqueeZ onto her bedroom door for some reason, and then tells you about it hours later… after it’s hardened.

Apple Sauce Apple Sauce

Tub O’ Towels are also Made in America, so your purchase helps to support American jobs!

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