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I’ve discovered that my daughter shares an affection for funk. Despite this site being called The Rock Father,™ you can’t be ”all rock, all the time” (well, you could, but that would be boring). You need a well-rounded musical pallete, and I’m hopefully teaching my daughter the ways of The Force so that she’ll never become one of those kids that says ”Well I don’t listen to that!’‘ when exposed to different things.  Today’s lesson: B.T. Express.

This Brooklyn funk outfit was breaking out their soulful jams long before even I was born, but some of their songs are timeless. A fine point is the lead track on their 1974 Scepter Records debut, DO IT (‘TIL YOU’RE SATISFIED), a number simply called “Express.” She’s only 32 months old, but my daughter loves this.


It’s their introduction, and a quite good one. It’s also the likely inspiration for jams like 2001’s “Trans DF Express” by DUNGEON FAMILY (feat CEE LO GREEN, OUTKAST, and a bunch of awesome).  Grab your ticket…


What are YOU listening to today? 

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