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Who says you can’t find the end of a rainbow? (A Garden Adventure)

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I posted a picture on Facebook earlier this week but figured it was time to share it with the rest of the world (those that haven’t liked my page yet). I figure this is also a good time to tell a story or two.

This past Tuesday (4/24), in-between rocking that new PRONG record that came out, the little one and I took advantage of the sunny weather to do an afternoon project. Having spent a considerable amount of time working on the backyard over the past two years since we bought this house, I’ve made it a point to focus efforts on the neglected parts of the property this year, particularly the side yards. So, it was time for a minor overhaul.

“It’s time to go to work…”


before rainbowPictured Left: The side yard “before” the enhancements.

The little one helped out as I outlined the new profile of the planting bed (extending it in front of the fence) and began to dig out some soil. After prep, we put down some landscape fabric, which the munchkin calls “tree blankets.” We relocated a Dwarf Alberta Spruce that hasn’t been in great health due to a constant stream of pee courtesy of walking dogs (it was near the sidewalk), while bringing in some new greenery as well. A companion Dwarf Alberta Spruce, a Juniper, some Perennial Salvia (Miley Cyrus is stoked), a Columbine (we had a bunch already), and a couple accent greens all made their way here after a quick trip to Home Depot, and we plotted. A few cuts in the fabric, holes dug, and the end the plants were in the ground.

After having a riveting conversation with a few earthworms that had emerged for a peek at the action, the little one sprung back into action as we added some Scotts Earthgro Red Mulch to finish the job, and then it was time to water.

IMG 8145

That’s when we noticed the Rainbow. 

“Whoever said you can’t find the end of a rainbow either wasn’t trying hard enough, or hasn’t been to The Rock Father’s house… “


The conditions were just right that the mist from the hose was catching the sun in a perfect prism. A couple of people thought that the above photo was “photoshopped,” but it was not. On the left you can see the shadow of my had with the hose as the arched spray catches the wind and the light. My right hand held the iPhone, on which I tapped with one finger to snap the pictures.

rainbow 3 

Another fun project… another fun afternoon. Total cost: $35

Bonus Photo! Same afternoon, but visiting the dog next door…


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