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I used to work in a record store. Actually, I managed a Sam Goody store in a past life, then I helped out in my friend’s indie shop called Dog Ear Movies & Music for a few weeks during the holidays one year. Those were some of the best times I ever experienced while working a ”real job,” but like anything – there were downsides. Usually, it was ignorant customers to blame for the daily headaches, mainly the ones that perceive all record store employees to be elitist hipsters. If a customer left feeling that way, it was probably because they asked the wrong questions.

You know that saying “Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer?” Well, one record store employee has fired back with a video called “Sh*t People Say At Record Stores.” I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard all of these in person…


This video arrived in my Facebook feed this morning, and was created by the crew at Notes And Noises in Wichita, KS. 

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