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It’s a video that’s been floating around for a couple of years now (33K+ plays on YouTube thus far), but one that deserves to be shared some more. Take two of my favorite bands – THE AQUABATS! and THE ROCK-AFIRE EXPLOSION – and put them together. What happens? Well, if you haven’t seen it already, you just need to watch the video below, then… don’t you?

A new season of THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW! is currently in production to air on The Hub later this year. Meanwhile, THE ROCK-AFIRE EXPLOSION (the famed, animatronic band from Showbiz Pizza Place) was slated to make their debut backing CEE-LO GREEN for his Las Vegas-based LOBERACE show at Planet Hollywood this week. Hoping some footage of that makes its way online very soon.

Who would YOU pick to win in a face-off between these legendary bands? Personally, I could see them merging into one mighty force known as THE AQUAFIRE BATSPLOSION! Kinda like VOLTRON, but with more rock.

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