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NOAHUntil a link hit my inbox this evening, I was unaware of the massive spectacle that filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (BLACK SWAN) had been crafting for the past two years…

Based on the best-selling book, THE BIBLENOAH is the cinematic adaptation of the story of Noah, “the world’s only righteous man,” as he takes on “a divine mission to build a massive ark to save his family and all of creation before the impending rains fall and the flood waters rise.” It’s the big budget telling of Noah’s Ark starring Russell Crowe as the title character, with Jennifer Connelly as Naameh, Emma Watson as Ila, and Sir Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah. Check out the trailer below. NOAH is set for release by Paramount Pictures on March 28, 2014.


Definitely intriguing to see this presented as an action-drama, and the production design looks fantastic.

For more, check out the film’s official website, or follow @NoahMovie on twitter.

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