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Watch – TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Super Bowl Commercial and see Hasbro’s First Edition Optimus Prime Toy!

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Just minutes ago, Paramount Pictures unveiled their TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION “Big Game” (yes, Super Bowl) commercial – the first official footage from the fourth film in the cinematic TRANSFORMERS saga from director Michael Bay. Take a look… right now!


The film hits theaters on June 27, and is the first to feature an all-new cast toplined by Mark Wahlberg, and the first big-screen appearance by the Dinobots. While it will take a little bit for this new footage to sink in (I’m about to go back through it shortly), it’s here, so it needs to be seen.

I mean… OPTIMUS PRIME riding GRIMLOCK while wielding a sword, right?! And was that PREDAKING (the two-headed dragon, like the toy I reviewed here) flying mightily above the action?

Additionally, the folks at Hasbro have unveiled their Amazon-exclusive (I’m an associate) TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION PLATINUM FIRST EDITION OPTIMUS PRIME, which just went on-sale tonight. The $59.99 figure can be ordered right here.

Optimus Prime

First Figure from Transformers: Age of Extinction

The battle against extinction begins here! As the Age of Extinction dawns, the Autobots find themselves fighting powerful new enemies from both Earth and beyond. The Autobot Leader Optimus Prime charges back into battle with a new alternate mode, a new design, and new weapons. This 10-inch tall Optimus Prime movie figure comes with the mighty Sword of Judgment and the battle-forged Sentinel Shield. Kids can imagine they’re defending Earth with the heroic Autobot leader. This is also your first chance to bring home a figure inspired by the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. It’s not only the first edition of Optimus Prime, it’s the first Age of Extinction edition of any Transformers robot!


Changes in 15 Steps

This 10-inch-tall Optimus Prime figure converts from a robot warrior to a semi truck and back again. Change from robot to truck mode in 15 steps and roll out. Reverse the same 15 steps to change back to robot mode and gear up for battle with the included Sword of Judgment and Sentinel Shield. It’s the first Optimus Prime figure to feature the Autobot Leader’s look from Transformers: Age of Extinction.

What do you think of the first trailer and Hasbro’s new toy? Share your thoughts below!
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