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THE ROCK FATHERRock Father vs. Rock Father – For the past 23 days, James Zahn and Tom George (read the kick-off story here) have been engaged in the early stage of a year-long journey to not only lose weight, but get fit. These two Work-at-Home Dads had let time and their jobs take their toll on their personal well-being. Now, nearly four weeks into their journey, we’ll find out how their efforts are paying off. This afternoon, Sunday, February 2, 2014, both men did their weigh-in… and these are the results.


Starting Weight: 328.4 | Last Week: 308.4 | Current Weight: 318

About Week 5, James states: “I don’t see how I gained back 10 pounds this week (sure don’t feel like it, and my overall weight loss is noticeable in my waist), but I did go over my daily calorie intake for the first time since this began. I’m thinking that my weigh-in for last week may have been inaccurate since it was such a dramatic loss for a week. Either way, I’m not letting one week of bad results change my path. I’m still heading toward my first goal of getting under 300. I also started on a new vitamin pack that I picked up at GNC – the “Pro Performance AMP: Advanced Muscle Performance Mega Men Powered Strength Vitapak Program” (what a mouthful). Not sure if that had any impact on my weight this week, but I’m definitely seeking some overall enhancers for energy, strength, and testosterone production. I’d considered taking Progene again (which I took last year for awhile), but opted for this instead. I’m also thinking about giving Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP YOGA a shot. Always evolving!”

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week5tomTOM GEORGE of FiXT Publicity

Starting Weight: 396.4 | Last Week: 380.6 | Current Weight: 376.6

About Week 5, Tom states: “I’m down another 4 pounds this week. I upped my calories to a max of 2,860 per day, but in order to do this I’ve been working out 45 minutes a day every day. I got a check up at the doctor this week, and got some troubling news. I have high blood pressure. So this week starts a whole new chapter. I need to cut my sodium (salt) intake to a max of 2,300mg per day. In other words, WAY less processed foods. If I cut my sodium and continue to lose weight through exercise I should be able to get it under control without the use of any medication, so that is the good news. The first 20 pounds are gone, and I’m even more motivated for the next 20!”

So far, we’re tracking a 10 pound loss by James, and a 20 pound loss by Tom.

Stay tuned!

And now… THE POINTER SISTERS with “Neutron Dance” from the soundtrack to BEVERLY HILLS COP. 


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