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Holiday Travel: At the First Sign of a Cold… It’s Time to Fight!

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THE ROCK FATHER has created this post as part of a #sponsored series with Socialstars and Zicam®; all opinions are that of James Zahn. #ZicamCrowd

Back when I started this website, I had no idea it would end up leading to more travel than I’d ever done before. After all, the whole idea was that I’d be a work-at-home dad and be spending the majority of my time with our daughter. Fast-foward a bit and that’s still mostly true, but it’s now daughters (plural) and the scope of things has totally changed. I’m traveling a lot, which means not only time spent in the confines of those flying metal tubes, but also a lot of time in airports… and the worst part: those dirty buses and trains that shuttle around the airports. A lot of people equals a lot of germs, and since I tend to get run-down, that means I get a lot of colds. When the folks at Zicam® asked if I’d throw down a few words about my ongoing war against colds, it was easy to say “yes” since I’ve been using their product for ages anyway.

Zicam - Rock Father-style!

Now, it’s important to get something out there and make it very clear: there are no known products that can prevent colds. We certainly all wish that there was, but it’s just not possible right now. So, the best thing to do is shorten the colds – and to do that means taking Zicam® at the first sign of a cold. Zicam® Cold Remedy Ultra Crystals shorten the duration of a cold when taken at the first sign – and the beautiful thing is that there’s no water required. These Crystals are perfect when I’m on-the-go because they come in handy packets and they melt in your mouth. Taking a homeopathic Berry Lemonade (with Elderberry) flavored packet every 4-6 hours can help me go from “Pre-Cold” (the first sign – itchy nose, body aches, runny nose) to no-cold  faster.

Zicam Crystals

If you’re traveling this season (or welcoming family into your home), be sure to stock-up on Zicam® and be ready to fight the cold battle!

See the full range of Zicam® products and get valuable coupons at Zicam.com

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