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Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd is set to release his new solo album, Echoes and Cocoons on March 11 and today brings the release of a new single, “A Better Universe.”

The track is accompanied by an animated music video which debuted a bit ahead of its anticipated premiere at 9 a.m PST on Feb. 11.

“I suppose I have understood for much of my life that it’s through communication and cooperation that we can potentially arrive at a place that is clearer than where we came from,” Boyd says about the track. “Being in a band for 30 years now has shown me, for better or for worse, so much about what it is to be in a ‘chosen’ family dynamic. We have our moments of celebration, where we clink glasses, cheer and embrace around shared accomplishments. Then we do our very best to lean into one another around the inevitable moments when things don’t go according to plan and we are asked to test our capacities for adaptation. This part is more the rule than it is the exception, and if a family dynamic doesn’t learn how to adapt around swiftly changing landscapes they’ll be lost in the woods and destined to malfunction and ultimately fade into obscurity. The moments between the peaks and the valleys are of equal importance and I’ve learned over the decades that these areas of stasis are just as crucial to familiarize oneself with.”

Echoes and Cocoons is available to pre-order or pre-save now on all major music services.

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