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As a homeowner, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways in which you can improve your home’s efficiency. Have a look below to see five ways in which you can do this and make your home a safe, efficient haven that your whole family enjoys being in.

Fix Your Plumbing

The very first thing you need to do is to fix any leaks in your plumbing. This is important because a leaky faucet can fill an eight-ounce glass in a mere 15 minutes and waste 180 gallons of water each month or 2,160 gallons every year. Perform a visual inspection and note any leaking fixtures, then have them replaced. Conserving water in your home will also help you to play a role in keeping the environment green.

Get Energy-Efficient Appliances

Another tip is to dispose of any ancient appliances you have that aren’t up to modern efficiency standards. Replace them with newer models that have good energy ratings and you will not only enjoy a more modern look in your home, but will also pay less as far as energy bills go. New appliances will be more efficient to use and will give your home an overall better feel, giving your family service and keeping things working perfectly.

Upgrade Your Entry Doors

Another tip you could use to improve your home’s efficiency is to upgrade your home’s exterior doors. Doing this will give you a better fit and therefore more improved insulation which will enable you to lower your heating and cooling costs. Since a new, modern entry door will be made up to current standards, you will realize more savings in your energy usage because there will be no air leaking around your doors. This is not the only benefit you stand to get, as according to Remodeling magazine, you can enjoy an average ROI of 74.9% by simply replacing your entry door.

Switch to LED Lights

Whether you have people indoors at all hours of the day or not, you can benefit immensely from simply making the switch to LED lights. These are much friendlier to the environment as a plus and will offer you good lighting at an amazing cost. When you pay less for keeping your house well-lit, you will have lower energy costs overall, something that will be easier to see during the holidays or whenever you have guests over. Of all the energy-saving tips on the list, this is the easiest and most affordable one, so get LED bulbs on your next shopping trip and you will enjoy a greener, well-lit home.

Get Rid of Pests

Finally, you need to find and eradicate any pests that may be in your home before they become permanent residents. Pests can cause a number of issues in your home, from starting or aggravating people’s allergies to destroying your home’s structure and aesthetics. A survey recently done by ConsumerAffairs found that the most concerning pest is ants, which are followed by spiders and cockroaches. No pest is a safe one to allow in your home, so if you suspect that there’s a colony somewhere on your property, seek professional help to eradicate them immediately.

With these five tips, you’re ready to enjoy an efficient home that will look as good as it feels. You can start with the easier ones and go on to the more complex ones, and soon enough, you will be able to look back and see how far you’ve come. Teach your family how to live efficiently and they will all be happy you did so, with your kids thanking you in the future when they put to practice the lessons they learned from you!

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