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I’m always a little leery of covering Kickstarter projects here on The Rock Father, but here we are with the second one this week. This is not an invitation for people to start shoving their projects down my throat again (it’s happened), but when I see something that I dig that also has a realistic, attainable goal – I just might share it. One such project? The Dream Car by huzi design. 76% Funded with just 10 Days to go, Cindy Ng and her team at huzi have crafted collectible, customizable toy cars that capture the feeling of a timeless, classic wooden toy – but with modern design aesthetics and some cool new twists. Check out Cindy’s pitch video below:


The finished cars will be a little on the pricy side when complete (as with most handcrafted, designer toys), but they look built to last… and there’s something just… “special” that strikes me when I look at these. They’re also available personalized, and packaged in a really nice gift box.


Check out full details on the Dream Car (with great photos and info) on their Kickstarter page.

What do you think of the huzi Dream Car?

*A Note on Kickstarter Projects that are featured on The Rock Father: I get pitched a lot of projects (seriously, A LOT) and only have the time to feature a select few here on the site. I need to really, really, really like the project to devote time to post it. Please be aware, that at the end of the day, pitching me a Kickstarter/IndieGoGo or any other “crowd-funding” effort is really just asking me to help someone I don’t know ask for money. So please don’t be rude, don’t hound me, and don’t badger me. There is no reason to send a follow-up email. If I like the project and have time, I may post about it.

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