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Kate Bush’s 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” is one of the biggest hits of 2022 thanks to the success of Netflix’s Stranger Things 4. Of course, there’s no better way to open the floodgates to Coversville than to have a hit song that becomes part of the mainstream conversation.

As of this writing, a quick search on Spotify reveals well over 100 recent covers of Bush’s song, and that means it’s time for a Covered 6 Pack along with a bonus “Case of Covers” — two dozen Kate Bush covers led by her original tune. Crank up a selection of covers by Our Last Night, Meg Myers, Punk Rock Factory, Frog Leap Studios, OHP, Placebo, and more below!

Our Last Night — “Running Up That Hill” (2022)

Leo Moracchioli — “Running Up That Hill” (2022)

Placebo — “Running Up That Hill” (2003)

Punk Rock Factory — “Running Up That Hill” (2022)

Meg Myers — “Running Up That Hill” (2019)

OHP – “Running Up That Hill” (2022)

BONUS: Case of Covers Playlist

Check out 24 Versions of “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” + the original Kate Bush classic, curated by The Rock Father, exclusively on Spotify.

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