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Teamwork & Trickery: WALK THE PRANK

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“We skip around a lot, so we’re shooting for episode 14 today,” explains actor Cody Veith during a brief break on the set of Disney XD’s WALK THE PRANK. Veith stars as Chance, one of four mischievous youngsters at the center of this generation’s hidden camera comedy – an innovative mix of scripted comedy and real-life pranks. Asked if he or co-star Tobie Windham (the sole “grownup” cast member as Uncle Will) have a favorite prank thus far, Veith is quick to peg a specific,“I do…” but in the interest of keeping surprises intact, it wouldn’t be in good taste for me to reveal his answer in these virtual pages a mere three episodes into a series that’s already filming episodes that audiences won’t see until well into the Fall. What’s interesting with WALK THE PRANK is the chemistry and believability of the young cast – playing off of each other – and their “marks,” to create real-life situations that inform the scripted actions, and scripted actions that help shape the trickery that will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting targets. It’s teamwork, and all in good fun.

With some of their parents on-set in Stage 19 at the Paramount Studios lot, the cast is shooting a lot of interstitial material – segues, voiceovers, and transitional shots that will bridge the gap between the pranks. It’s a lot of the “hurry-up-and-wait” reality of the television business, and for a few moments, our press group watches from video village as Actress Jillian Shea Spaeder (as the tech-savvy Bailey) shows her castmates footage of a recent gag, displaying a blank iPhone that will later display a YouTube-like site, added digitally through the magic of television.


Over in the elaborate set of Uncle Will’s Joke Shop, Photographer Tony Rivetti is capturing shots as much of the group takes turns posing with a costume from one of my favorite gags – a little something called “unleashed,” in which the kids break through a fence and chase down passers-by in one of the most ridiculously-proportioned dog costumes I’ve ever seen. Yet, it’s fantastic!

On the set of WALK THE PRANK

In tonight’s episode, “A Moving Situation,” Chance and Herman learn that their father is up for a big promotion, and they might have to move to a different city if he gets the job.

WALK THE PRANK is created and executive produced by Adam Small (“Mad TV”) and Trevor Moore (“Whitest Kids U Know.”). Check it out Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. EDT on Disney XD.

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