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Watch & Listen: DAWN OF ASHES – “Tribe of Chemosh”

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In a past life, I had a little bit of association with DAWN OF ASHES… some mutual friends in Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps… and I witnessed the major change in the DOA stylings as they released one album and an EP through Metal Blade Records, eventually embarking on a tour with Dimmu Borgir. For a few years there was some question of identity, with the band switching to Metropolis Records and releasing what was thought to be their last album, leader Kristof Bathory announcing the retirement of DOA in 2013. Label and lineup changes endured, DAWN OF ASHES has risen again in 2016, with a new album THEOPHANY, set for a May 20th release… and to the surprise of some, it looks to be a combination of all the styles that DOA has performed in the past, from the electronic and industrial… to the metallic once more. Check out the lyric video for “Tribe of Chemosh.”

Pre-order the new DAWN OF ASHES now through Amazon or the Metropolis Records webstore.

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