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This #TeamJurassic  special feature is brought to you in collaboration with Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Dinosaurs have been a massive trend in pop culture and play this year, and at the summer box office that was extremely evident with the arrival of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, now available on Blu-Ray. The second chapter in the rebooted franchise took audiences back to the island once more – a place where Jurassic Park once stood with the intention of welcoming guests 25 years ago. Now, after the collapse of Jurassic World – a successful park build on the foundation of the original – Owen and Claire were back to save the dinosaurs from a second extinction… an adventure that left the island and has now come home.

Available now on Blu-ray/Digital HD, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is one of this fall’s movie night essentials – one I’d planned to show at one of our outdoor screenings. Unfortunately, all the rain in northern Illinois has brought forth an unusual late-season resurgence of another prehistoric relic – the mosquito – so much that our backyard screenings have been stifled. But that’s okay as we still brought #TeamJurassic back together for a movie night inside.

IMG 3176 IMG 3174

There’s certain basics that always make things right – popcorn and snacks among them. With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, there’s some additional opportunity to pull it all together with licensed Jurassic World chocolates, Jelly Belly jellybeans, Ring Pops (raptor claws), Pez dispensers and more. We displayed ours in a nice tin lunchbox.

For our kids, Jurassic World was their first exposure to the franchise, and I don’t believe they’ve yet seen the original Jurassic Park Trilogy yet, but they should. One thing they’re very familiar with is the toys… from the Funko Pop! Vinyl figures to the excellent new collection of Matchbox Jurassic Park and Jurassic World vehicles by Mattel. In fact, those make the perfect playthings to accent a movie night – or to just traverse the jungle outside.

jurassicjeep jurassicjeep2

While the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park might not be scientifically-accurate, Fallen Kingdom brings together the largest assortment of species ever seen together on screen. Beyond just being an exciting and entertaining film, it’s bound to inspire curiosity in the little ones as well!

Bonus: Want to really bring your Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie night to life? Do you have a projector or ever get into doing digital Halloween decorations? If so, check out the Dinosaur Encounter package from ATMOS FX.  Using the same equipment that you’d use to do digital decorations for the holidays, you can now bring cinematic dinosaur illusions into your house. Highly-recommended at Rock Father™ approved!

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