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Longfield GardensAs the old saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.” Sometimes, it’s like a movie – where STAR WARS (good) opens the door for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (great). The sequel trumps the earlier entry, and right now we’re experiencing a similar phenomena here at Rock Father HQ in that I’m typing these virtual words to appear on your computer screen as the sequel to an entry that was posted over six months ago. Or was that entry a prequel to this post? Regardless, when it comes to gardening, patience is key – and when gardening with kids, a big payoff can make a huge impact in showing them that yes, we’ve grown something. Last Fall, Addie and I planted 200 bulbs that our friends at Longfield Gardens sent over, and today I can show you the end result!


What We Planted:
  • Muscari Armeniacum (100 Bulbs) – This hardy, easy to grow grape hyacinth boasts long lasting blooms. They look great clumped together at your landscape’s edge, along pathways, in front of evergreens or in ground covers . Enjoy these striking purple blooms year after year.
  • Tulips (100 Bulbs) – We did a mix of Tulips in assorted colors, ranging from the Darwin Hybrids to the Flaming Jewel. Each of these opened with striking colors and tall stems for an impressive display, and they’ll come back every spring.


Sponsor Message:
Where We Planted:

Having already had some Tulips established (along with a few Daffodils) that were planted by a previous homeowner, I opted to create some new beds throughout our property in order to bring new color and excitement to some areas that were otherwise bare.

  • Around the Step2 Playhouse (I’m a Step2 Ambassador).
  • In the corner near the play area.
  • A line next to our shed.
  • In the triangle bed at the front of our house.


Now, it seems like a ways off since it’s May, but Fall bulb planting for next Spring is something to think about now since bulbs are limited in supply, and they do sell out. You can order them now in a variety of colors for my friends at Longfield Gardens.

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