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51Bn-C762CL. SL160 Ahhh POISON… Whenever I hear the band I’m taken back to a place long ago that can be relived just about every summer in small towns across America. I’m at a carnival; the “Flying Bob’s” is spinning around blasting the sounds of “Unskinny Bop” while the smell of diesel fuel and funnel cakes permeates the air. Down the midway there’s a young lass hawking for suckers to throw down a couple of bucks to toss a few darts at balloons with hopes of winning a cheap mirror embossed with the familiar green POISON logo. Meanwhile, down in the beer tent a cover band nears the end of their over-dramatic performance of “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn,” while the frontman scratches his nuts while scoping out the crowd searching for the emotionally-damaged drunk he’ll be in the sack with later that night…  “Nothin’ But A Good Time” I tell ya…

But I digress.

There’s been a ton of POISON collections released over the years: The Greatest Hits, The Best of, 20 Years of Rock, etc. So what makes NOTHIN’ BUT A GOOD TIME: THE POISON COLLECTION special you ask? Well, it’s the best all-around overview of the band to-date, until the inevitable all-encompassing box set arrives.

With 34 tracks that run the gamut from the studio albums and rarities to a full live disc, THE POISON COLLECTION lives up to it’s name by bringing together the best bits from the band. Longtime fans will probably have most of this already, while those just discovering the band via BRET MICHAELS’ constant television presence will have something fresh to pick up. Hell, it even comes with a bandana packed inside so you can slap it on to complete the whole package.

Humor aside, POISON was always unapologetic in doing what they did well, and will always remain one of the premiere “hair bands” of the glam-filled 1980’s metal scene.

Rating: 4/5

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