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America is in trouble.

As I type this, it’s Sunday night, capping off an exceptionally violent weekend from coast to coast. I may be hyper-aware of it because here in Illinois, Chicago has largely reverted to the “Adventures in Babysitting Chicago” of the mid-1980s: a dirty, scary place where you don’t want to take your kids. And it, like much of the state, is run by absolute clowns. When when I travel to New York and Los Angeles, I get a look at other sets of problems that are equally troubling, and Bill Maher just wrapped them all up with a bow.

Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher was a good one, but one particular segment really hit the mark, and it did it on the cusp of a deadly weekend. Brazen robberies; shoplifting in the open; porch pirates; home invasions; auto break-ins, fistfights on airplanes; and entertainers getting attacked on stage… it’s what happens in a world with no consequences.

Check out New Rule: American Carnage below:

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