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Little Finley is just 14-months-old as of this writing, and like her big sister, she’s already displaying a serious affection for all-things wheeled. I officially have two little ones that love their cars and trucks, and as such, both girls were pretty excited when the folks from MEGA BLOKS sent over Firetruck Finn, a new addition to their First Builders line.  Aimed at ages 1-5, Firetruck Finn is a sizable, durable fire truck, that comes complete with fourteen building blocks and a Block Buddies Firefighter. How did it fare in The Rock Father’s State-of-the-Art Toy Testing Facility (our house and neighborhood)? Let’s find out…

Firetruck Finn arrives...Before I could even free him from his packaging, the girls wanted to play with Firetruck Finn. His “half-steering wheel” and swiveling ladder was too enticing not to just grab straightaway… and the packaging is clearly designed for just such temptation. Rather than hide the toy within the confines of a sealed box, Firetruck Finn is right there in the open, greeting children with a charming smile and just begging to be played with. And played with he has been…

Firetruck Finn having Fun with Finn...

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Firetruck FinnIt didn’t take long for Firetruck Finn to roar out of the house and onto the pavement outside, where he’s traveled the neighborhood and been introduced to the lay of the land. The weird thing is, he’s just big enough that you have to remind the kids that he’s not a ride-on… but that idea is still there, and I’ve caught both girls making an attempt to do just that. I’d probably do the same thing if I was less than three feet tall. Wouldn’t you? 

Firetruck FinnThere’s plenty of places on Firetruck Finn to do some building, with places for the blocks to attach on the truck body, cab, and the ladder area. A big bonus? The truck body has built-in storage for the included blocks.

Additionally, other First Builders blocks and buddies are fully compatible. That means that Finley’s little “Princess Sunray” from MEGA BLOKS’ Lil’ Princess Collection can go for a ride as well.

Finn plays with Finn...

Great durability, repeat play, educational value, and a reasonable price all hit the mark, and the fact that our little Finn loves Firetruck Finn helps this toy achieve my highest rating here on The Rock Father. 

Firetruck Finn is available now from Target (order here) and other retailers Nationwide.


The Rock Father Rating: 5/5 Stars

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Disclosure: As noted above, MEGA BLOKS provided this toy to The Rock Father for the purpose of possible review consideration. All opinions are that of James Zahn with input from his children. You should agree with them, for they are wise. Seriously. Why are you reading this part?

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